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Nadira Haniff asked:

It is indeed the perfect day to talk about LEADERSHIP and LEADING WITH STRENGTH. Leadership is one of my favorite topics of discussion because it encompasses so much and also can be interpreted in several different ways & styles.

A leader is someone who assumes that role. Sometimes we have leadership thrust upon us, but nevertheless, that role has to be accepted. How many times have you heard “be the leader people are looking for”? I am sure many times. But how does one become the leader people are looking for? What steps do we take to get to that point?

We have discussed several of those steps this week, but in a nutshell let’s recap. Leadership is not a role that is favored by many in the corporate world or otherwise, because it comes with responsibility and expectations. It comes with being there when it is expected for you to be there. But in as much the role of a leader maybe somewhat big to fill, it has the sweetness of all the rewards that we seek. Financial & spiritual as well as many other aspects of our life.

So having said that. And knowing that as networkers and business folks we want to be the leader people are looking for…let’s simplify and implement step by step…it doesn’t have to be overwhelming or intimidating… just embrace each step one at a time…


(1) A leader is mentally prepared to move forward steadily

(2) A leader has a game plan laid out to follow

(3) A leader understands that the plan is not set in stone, but will need fine tuning

(4) A leader believes with all his/her heart and soul in the himself

(5) A leader believes with all his heart in the mission

(6) A leader believes with all his heart in his/ her team

(7) A leader knows that failure is not an option even though he/she may fail forward

(8) A leader is prepared to be in the front line of battle, doing it first

(9) A leader knows that there are many challenges ahead

(10) A leader knows that there is no prize without the price & so begins with the end in mind…

Teamsters, go forward boldly and become the leader that’s in you…it’s there, just believe and follow with action…

Nadira Haniff/ Coach

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