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A Look at Some Theories of Leadership Referred to Today

Muna wa Wanjiru asked:

In the early stage of the 20th century, there was a great enhancement in the interest of the people about the term like leadership. Mainly the leadership theories categorize the qualities of the leader and his subordinates or followers. Also there is more emphasis on the variables like situational aspects, competent level, skills. These emerging leadership theories are classified into eight categories like theories of Great man, trait theories, contingency theories, situational theories, behaviorial theories, participative theories, management theories and relationship theories.

In the first type of leadership theories, i.e. theories of great man; it is firmed opinion that the legendary leaders have to born they are not made or mould. This theory is the portrait of the legend leaders as gallant, mythic, and they were born to explore there leadership qualities whenever they requires. The reason behind the use of word like Great Man for the leadership theory is that in such time the leadership quality is considered as the mainly a male quality which is specially referred to armed leadership.

The ideology of the second type of the leadership theory is identical to its first type. According to trait theories, trait theory it is a firm belief that the person possessing the leadership excellence is the impact of its skills and qualities, which are from genetic inheritance and traits that compose these qualities well matched to leadership. Therefore, by using such theory, it is very easy to analysis the several features of behaviors which is shared by such leader. But sometime such trait theory creates confusion, when somebody holds the special traits like skills, qualities but do not become the leader.

The Contingency Theory is one of the types of the leadership theories. This theory illustrates and gives emphasis to the positive approach of the leader towards the unforeseen incident, which makes him the real leader. Therefore, this last-minute decision making requires several variables like leading style, competence of his followers or subordinates and their approach to such situation. In abbreviation, the leadership quality varies according to requirement of the situation. 

In the situational theory, the more weight-age on the need of the critical situation while making the decision by the leaders. So sometimes, he takes aggressive decision and sometimes he gives importance to the negotiations. In such situational theories, the real leaders always take all his colleagues and subordinates while taking any major, critical decision.

The leadership theory like behavioral theory is mainly relies on the belief like the legendary leaders are made and not born. So in this theory, it is opined that leaders enhance their leading quality through their daily observations and teaching aids of life. So according to such theory, the leading approach does not rely on the physical and mental traits.

In the participative leadership theory, the leaders give emphasis towards the involvement and assistance of their teammates while achieving any target. They facilitate their group members with feeling that is more significant and convinced them to the decision-making process.

In remaining type like Management theories and relationship theories of leadership, more emphasis is laid on the administration, union, and team performance of any organization. While in Relationship theories, more emphasis is laid on the relationship between leaders and followers.

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