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What Makes a Good Team Building Activity

rianne de leon asked:

In this day and age, modern managers and executives have opted to introduce team building among their team workers and subordinates. Team building has proven to be an effective tool to foster team work, camaraderie, and all in all love for the work, and even company loyalty.

With the various team building consultants, one can have a complete view of choices to make when designing a team building day for one’s organization. There are several activities to pick from evening events, energizers, ice breakers, and other motivational activities.

The key is to set criteria in deciding which team building activity to implement. It would be helpful to know what makes a good team building activity.

Here are some clues:

The team building activity involves, of course, a team.

It is important to make sure that the kind of activity you would pick leaves no one. There should be a good level of involvement from team members in a workplace. Rowing for example, takes a lot of team effort in order to make the boat reach the desired destination. That puts me to my next point.

The team building activity has a goal or vision.

No team building is worth the while if it does not work on a clear goal. Participants should be aware of the team’s vision or goal in order to effectively achieve it. Like in rowing, the goal is to reach a set destination of the boat. In effect, everyone will work on attaining that goal.

The team building activity must require significant contribution from each.

Even if it team work involved, if the person or the team member feels that his or her contribution to the team is negligible, or not as important, it simply defeats the purpose. In choosing a team building activity, make sure that team members’ contribution to the job is significant and valued. There has to be a great level of involvement for this to happen.

With these points, you can now have a wiser means to choose which team building activities will benefit your company to the fullest. By making sure your team building activity fosters team work, has a clear goal, and requires significant contribution from people, you will be surprised how motivated employees will be towards their work. You might see them happy and eager to start the day right in the office the next day.

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