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Anton Kal asked:

ademe -selling world, customer service is the name of the game. Sellers that do what they say they will and deliver what they promise tend to get repeat customers and plenty of new ones, as well. Sellers that fall flat get lousy feedback ratings and might find it nearly impossible to sell anything on the site, no matter how high the demand happens to be for the item. So, what is feedback and why is it so darn important? The Trademe site functions as a community. This means sellers and buyers have the right to share their opinions about each other with other site users. This is accomplished through feedback ratings. Sellers and buyers both earn these ratings for how they handle transactions. When customer service is high, ratings tend to be, as well. To attain the best ratings, it is very important for sellers, especially those that want to make a business of it, to pay attention to customer service. This means doing certain things along different milestones of the sales process. Starting out: The first customer service-related issue comes up with the individual listings themselves. They must be clear and they must be honest. If they aren’t, sellers can say what was delivered isn’t what was promised. Truthfulness is the key here. Once sales begin: As soon as an item starts at auction or goes out into the ether for outright sale, potential buyers might come up with questions. Answer these in a timely and honest fashion. If you can’t answer a question about an item, write back and say so. The Trademe site makes it very easy for buyers and sellers to communicate. Use this to your advantage. After they end: If all goes well, your listing will sell at the end of its appointed time. Once an auction has ended or if a straight sale has been made, what happens next is very important. Contact the winner or the buyer and thank them. Be sure to include information about expected payment, how you intend to ship and when you intend to do so. Politeness pays off big in this arena. Carry through on promises for shipping, as well. Follow up: This isn’t necessary, but it is a nice touch, especially if repeat business is desired or anticipated. Once an item has been paid for and shipped, check back with the buyer to thank them again and see if the package arrived in the mail. Feedback for the buyer: Anyone using Trademe has a feedback rating attached to their name. Don’t forget to reward good buyers with high marks and warn others about those who don’t do as they say with poor grades. Recommended Site

www.MainPageZ.Com/TradeMe http://www.MainPageZ.Com

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