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The Secret To Achieving 100% Feedback On Ebay

Jules Boven asked:

Have you ever noticed how rare it is for high volume ebay sellers to have 100% feedback. It’s not like they deliberately scam 1 or 2 % of there 2000 plus customers. They’ve streamlined the auction process, reduced the risk of faulty products and goods arriving damaged etc.

So why are they still left with angry customers. The truth is some people are just jerks. They will bid on an item and then when you expect them to pay for it they will abuse you.

Sometimes they will be angry if the product doesn’t arrive, even though you did everything you could and it was completely out of your control.

Dealing with these people is an everyday occurrence for ebay powersellers. But there are ways to minimize their effect on your feedback.

In the initial email say something like “sometimes products will get lost in the post. If it hasn’t turned up within 10 days email me and I will replace it”. This will warm the customer up to the idea that well, s*** happens and there’s no point getting abusive.

If the customer backs out of the sale, leave positive feedback. They will appreciate this and give you great feedback, and will be more open toward buying from you in the future.

If the customer doesn’t respond to your emails, don’t leave negative feedback, leave none. You’ve already lost the sale so nothing can be gained by you getting abusive.

It’s a very rare seller who is able to bite their tongue, but the rewards far out way the small satisfaction of giving them a piece of your mind. Potential buyers can be convinced not to buy from you as a result of the small minority of past unsatisfied customers. Remember the customer isn’t always right but you must act as if they are.

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