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Matthew Bredel asked:

Without a doubt, starting an online auction business on EBay is one of the most bona fide ways of earning money on the Internet. Every year, millions of EBay users buy and sell everything from rusted lamp shades to $200,000 Ferraris. It is estimated that $14 out of every $100 spent on the Internet goes through EBay! Its friendly interface and navigational style has allowed many people to make money on EBay exclusivity as a full time job. The premise is simple: EBay selling means offering an item, having people bid, and awarding the item to the highest bidder.

The first step to take in starting an EBay business is finding out what you want to sell. Do you want to sell wholesale products like Polo t-shirts and Coach bags you can get at 40% off the retail price? What about an old baseball card collection with cards worth $30 a piece? Products to sell on EBay may also include consignments like used clothes and furniture. EBay itself profits tremendously off each auction with a fraction of the total selling price going to it.

Wholesaling continues to be one of the best forms of EBay selling. Buying items at wholesale prices and reselling them for higher auction prices can earn auctioneers a steady paycheck every month. Wholesalers can also start an EBay business by selling to people who want to resell the same product on the site. Regardless of whether you’re a Powerseller or a rookie, establishing a customer service base is crucial when it comes to profit making. A saleable product may fly off the shelves, but your EBay username is defined by the amount of positive buyer feedback you receive. The higher your feedback, the more products you’ll sell – period. Timeliness, accurate product descriptions, and prompt replies to emails will net you the best EBay business reviews.

Starting an online auction business on EBay may reward you its coveted “Powerseller” status in the future. Powersellers are auctioneers that earn feedback ratings of at least 98% positive and $1000 worth of sales every month for three straight months. Instead of trying to find out the best item to sell for profit on EBay, Powersellers rely on their strengths along with customer support and promises fulfilled. A trivial item like a keychain may not sell well on the street, but many Powersellers earn enough pull to keep selling these items like hotcakes because of their reputations. In conclusion, starting an online business on EBay is a bona fide business venture with many rewards.

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