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Motivating Your MLM Downline

Jackie Ulmer asked:

You’ve started your MLM Business; you’ve sponsored enough people to get to your first promotion; and no one is doing anything. Does this sound familiar?

How do you motivate your MLM Downline?

I am often asked the “Motivation” question. It’s a tough one because there are no easy answers. Motivation is an internal process.

Here are my answers to these questions.

First, I don’t personally believe that it is possible to MOTIVATE another person. You can INSPIRE them through your actions and efforts, but motivation comes from within. It’s something each person must get on his/her own.

Think about your own motivation. What can your sponsor, upline or anyone in MLM really do to motivate you to take action in your business?

Your won reason “why” for doing the business must be hugely compelling to you. It must be a non-negotiable thing that you will not be denied. It must be something that is on your mind daily so you are compelled to take action and achieve your MLM goals.

What ways have you been inspired in your MLM business? Who has inspired you and what was it about that person that was inspiring?

Ways to inspire include always being in action yourself. Do you have a company top sponsor list? Be on it so they see and know that you believe and are taking action.

Have a company newsletter? Be in it -share ideas and articles to educate.

Recognize achievements of your downline, both big and small. After all, the size of the accomplishment varies person to person and small steps grow to giant leaps.

Have tools and trainings to educate and interact with the team.

Be accessible – return emails and phone calls and be more than a robot. Take time to ask how things are going and make note of birthdays, etc.

Do you have incentive programs for your team?

Contests are very motivating for some and others couldn’t care less. You’ll want to play around with this concept and see if it is a fit for your program.

This is an area I have not been great at getting into action. I’ve done contests, incentive programs, etc, but have not seen it really produce more team growth. Those who are going to do it, DO IT for their own incentives, not mine!

Do you hold weekly, monthly or no team meetings? How about conference calls?

I hold a weekly team conference call since my team is all over the country, and have had holiday gatherings and occasional local meetings for those nearby. These have been very successful and I now realize the importance of team bonding and relationships! These types of gatherings are what spur people into attending bigger regional and national events.

I also hold a team meeting at our national company convention each year. This is REALLY fun! I do training, awards and recognition. Because I build my business all online, as do much of my team, it gives everyone a chance to put faces and names together and create lasting friendships beyond the business partnership.

If you do hold team meetings why do you think they are important and what do you cover at your team meetings? Think about these things and poll your team on what matters most to them.

Again, the bonding and friendships created can really sustain people and inspire them to move forward. We cover all different topics related to business. Get the team involved in assisting and coaching on topics they know!

Avoid taking on the responsibility of being the lead motivator to anyone but yourself. Coach others on exploring their own reasons, motivations and short comings and put each one in charge of his/her own personal growth and accountability.

Try this and I believe you will see a shift in the mindset of those who are going to make things happen!

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