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Motivating Employees Starts by Motivating yourself

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Many managerial guru’s claim that one of the main ways of getting staff enthusiastic is to simply align the goals of the company with their goals. If you aren’t sure of what the employees goals are then sit down and discuss them, find out their personal goals and help them achieve it; offer them further training or give them further responsibility, try and understand why they aren’t motivated.

Communication is key and by keeping employees in the loop and making them feel part of the entire process you will notice a difference in their overall behaviour.

Part of communicating with employees is also to recognise the effort that they are making, if they are not making a good effort stay positive and highlight where they have been good, but also say to them that they have the ability to do more, encourage them to improve. Constructive criticism can sometimes be difficult for employees to swallow but offer them training or offer them some form of incentive to doing well. Sit with each employee on a regular basis and discuss short term individual aims.

Team building is a brilliant way to enthuse employees, workshop days or even the occasional night out will encourage employees to become friendly with one another and will allow you to break down the ‘boss’ barrier that many people feel inhibited by. Not only will team building be an excellent way for employees to relax but can be a useful tool in training and re-illustrating your company views to them.

As already illustrated communication is the key, speak to your employees, break down any barriers and try to understand their own personal aims. If you don’t understand who your employees are then you will never motivate nor relate to them.

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