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How to Make Friends With Your Loyal Customers

Kaitlyn Miller asked:

You can’t make friends without talking to people. Even in today’s computer age, where people make “friends” online, they still interact in some way. As a businessperson, it is important for you to “make friends” with your most loyal customers. Doing so will not only benefit you through increased sales and positive word of mouth, but will also make your customers happier to be a part of your growth. That, in turn, will lead to more loyal customers and, of course, more profits. But the only way to enter into this type of relationship with your loyal customers is to talk to them.

Ask for feedback

You want to get as much feedback from your customers as possible, both positive and negative. On your product packages, ask for feedback and provide contact information so customers can reach you. When you design your next business card printing, include more than just your phone number and email address: explicitly ask the recipients to get in touch with you and tell you about their experiences with your company.

Make it clear that you are asking for all types of feedback, even if it’s not good. Customers who can give you examples of shortfalls in your business are the most valuable of all. You can’t fix something if you don’t know it’s broken.

Use the feedback in your advertising

The feedback you receive from customers is only valuable if you use it. Fix the things that customers have complained about, and emphasize the things that they like. When you do a flyer printing, use it to put your company’s greatest strengths on display. Even better, put customer testimonials on them. You will probably have plenty of loyal customers who would be more than happy to let you use their positive reflections in an ad or flyer. Customer testimonials can be tremendously effective.

Keep your loyal customers engaged

Once you have used customer feedback to alter your marketing strategies, don’t stop there. Keep interacting with these customers; keep “making friends” with them. Send them postcards asking for more feedback. A good idea is to offer your loyal customers special offers or bonuses, simply for being loyal customers. This can do a great amount of good, as it gives those customers a sense of privilege and honor. They may end up spreading the word about your company through personal experiences, which is the most valuable advertisement of all.

Invite your friends to a party

At some point, you may want to invite your loyal customers to a gathering with you and the leaders of your company. This can be a good way to let them know how important they are to you, and to reward them with an exclusive chance to interact with the decision makers in the company. It can also increase sales, as these customers are very likely to buy more of your product before, during, and after the meeting.

As a business, the best friends you can make are your customers. Never forget that they are the ones who will make or break your company.

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