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How to Get Repeat Traffic Buzzing to Your Blogs

Wyatt Lee asked:

Bloggging have grown into a phenomenon on the Internet in recent times, and online business owners who have taken advantage of this powerful Internet marketing arsenal are now reaping handsome rewards. So I would assume that you have already jumped on this innovative Internet marketing bandwagon. But if you still have not, then now is the time to do it.

Generally, blogs tend to fare very well in the search engines, and we all know that a large chunk of traffic to your blog will come from the search engines. But the downside of this is that traffic from this channel is not very reliable. One day you get a high ranking for your blog, the next day it is nowhere to be found!

Therefore, the success of your blog should not just depend on the search engines. The winning formula here is repeat traffic. In this article, I will share with you some useful Internet marketing techniques that will drive insane amounts of repeat traffic to your blogs.

1. Use your blog as a customer service center

Blogs have comment boxes where visitors can leave their comments with regarding your posts. You can take advantage of this feature to gather suggestions, complaints or any enquires from your clients of customers. And since your entries will be posted online in an instant, this allows you to instantly reply to their queries. This is even better than email, where you get problems of blocked or bounced messages.

2. Conduct product reviews

Have your own product to sell? You can do some effective pre-selling by slowly building up excitement and anticipation for your new product. What you can do for this Internet marketing strategy is to compare your own product with other releases in the market. Tell your audience why your product is better than the rest out there, but please remember to do it objectively, because it would not do your business any good if you make many enemies.

3. Tell engaging stories that stirs emotions

The trend of successful blogs is that they attract a loyal readership. And they certainly do not achieve that by telling dull, old stories that bore their audience to sleep. So give your readers something entertaining to feed on, something that is worth their time, but definitely not a burden for them. Tell them stories that will arouse excitement. Better still, stir up their emotions. In time to come, you will find that your readers will be flocking back to your blog, expecting more engaging stories from you.

Once you have garnered a loyal pool of readership, then you can proceed on to the Internet marketing aspect of your agenda.

4. Organize some contest

Organizing some inventive contest is a very fun and innovative way to drive repeat traffic to your blog. You can encourage your readers to write the most compelling testimonial for your products. Have them leave their submissions in your comment box, and the winner will get an exclusive bonus from you. Of course, there are possibilities for many other contests, and blogs make all of them possible.

5. Use your blog to gather feedbacks

Since blogs allow you to interact with your readers efficiently and instantaneously, you can use it as a very useful feedback channel. Market research is a very important aspect of Internet marketing, so you would need to gather useful feedback from your target market regularly. You can use these feedbacks to improve your business, or to discover new trends and solutions that you can post to your blog.

In this way, your loyal readers will be very eager to come back to your blog to see if their feedbacks have been addressed by you.

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