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Generational Connectedness: Leading Different Generational Segmentations to Greatness, Based Upon Their Unique Traits & Motivators!

Jeff Magee asked:

The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts.

– Bertrand Russell

The days of a widepaintbrush-stroke approach to engaging each individual in an organization, as if they were crafted from the same mold, are gone!

The abilities to fluidly connect, understand, respect (not necessarily agree or disagree!), and motivate the generational segmentations in a business organization will be the differentiators between greatness and significance. There is a direct and very defined connection in one’s personal managerial-leadership style among others and one’s age or generational segmentation.

This is also true for the methods by which managerial-leaders manage, lead, and engage others within business today. The five generational segmentations (COACHING for IMPACT: The Art & Leadership Of Generational Coaching, by Brown Books, ISBN# 0-9641240-3-3 /USA $29.95) can be identified most typically as operating from these motivators:

1. Centurions – The 55 and older segmentation tend to be more structured, formal, regimented, reserve, focused, loyal, long-term oriented, purpose and value driven, organizationally committed…

2. Baby Boomers (and the Eco Boomers) – The 38 to 55 years of age segmentation tend to be less structured, more materialistic, change resistant, more vocal and outgoing, commitment is contingent, more loyal to an industry than a specific organization, title driven, more formally educated…

3. Generation X’ers – The 27 to 38 crowd tend to be more action-oriented, boundary-pushing, opportunity-driven, socialization-and friend-oriented, entitlement driven, change accepting, more instant-gratification oriented…

4. Generation Y’ers – The 21 to 28 segmentation has open minds but shorter attention spans, needs more diverse stimulation, is change driven and are technology savvy…

5. Generation MTV’ers (or Mosaic) – The 17 to 21 individuals looking for purpose and value opportunities. Change is norm, and they are relationship-driven, idealistic, technology driven, highly socially conscious, short-term focused…

To enhance ones’ leadership ability and connectedness with others, a leader should approach individuals from the perspective of how their generational segmentation likes to operate.

“We become who we have always been … Individuals typically operate outward from our inward generational segmentation!”

– Jeffrey Magee

By fluidly engaging individuals one-on-one or within group dynamics, a leader can attain a higher level of individual performance and group effectiveness. By evaluating how individual segmentation operates, leaders can take the mystery and angst out of trying to determine how best to engage and motivate their team and reduce if not eliminate micro management by merely delivering on the minimal needs to each segmentation and attaining maximum performance!


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