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Five Ways to Motivate yourself to Get Going

Jason Szova asked:

en hard to self motivate and get things done. If you have trouble motivating yourself what are some thing you can do to break through and get things done. In this article I am going to be sharing 5 simple tips you can do to motivate yourself.

Step 1. Keep track of your goals fresh in your mind by putting them in places that you visit often. An Example of this would be to put a post on your fridge or on your computer and look at your goals each day in the morning upon waking and at night before going to bed.

Step2. Make your goals realistic and attainable: Set a goal that is so easy to accomplish you never fail doing the task. Then set another and another as you slowly reach each goal. Give yourself positive feedback and never doubt yourself.

Step 3. Your environment make sure your surrounds like your friends and family understand your goals and desires and make sure they support you and tell you positive feedback. Your environment will have a profound effect on your success.

Step 4. Give yourself a reward: give yourself a gift for reaching your goals .Put a picture of what your reward will be up on a wall where you can see it often. It will help you reinforce what you want.

Step 5. Make progress: Always be moving forward with your job, health and self by moving in a forward motion you will be moving toward your goals and be able to self motivate easier.

The last thing is taking action you have to take action everyday otherwise nothing happens so there you have it. Five ways to motivate yourself to move forward and get things done. By doing these 5 things everyday you will reach your goal because it will be in your minds eye as a primary focus so always be aware and ask yourself what you want.

Set your goal.Break it down into small simple steps. Do one step at a time. If something doesn’t get done move it to the next days task list. Never bounce around. Tip) Focus on the stuff you don’t like to do first get it out of your mind. Then when if comes time to do the things you like to do it becomes more rewarding. Most of all have fun and don’t put to much pressure on yourself. If your having a hard time doing the things you don’t like just outsource it. Mainly try and focus on what your good at. Outsource the rest.


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