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Jullian valmont asked:

For nearly a decade, research has been conducted on understanding how & why people buy online.

Online auction is scorching the virtual world. Everyday an increasing number of buyers as well as sellers are making the virtual world their prefered choice.

Many of them use online auction sites such as eBay to get their product’s worth.

Alright so how should one start using ebay, well to be honest almost everyone starts out as a buyer before they start selling on ebay. Because when you Learn how to buy effectively it improve’s your eBay experience and this contributes to your education in becoming a seller. You should make at least ten successful transactions on eBay before trying to sell. We hope the following tips will make you a better and more successful buyer as well as future seller

.1. You should rank well with feedback

This is more important for buyers rather than sellers so if you are a buyer make sure you dont forget to give & recieve feedback,Also potential buyers would be more comfortable purchasing products from you based on your track record. For example, If you accepted checks for immediate shipment and the buyer has a good feedback rating therefore you would feel more comfortable doing business with him rather than a buyer who has very little feedback (below 23) or various negative comments. In this kind of situations you should hold the checks until they clear before sending an item.

2. Dont bid at the begining

When buying an item, do not place a bid for an item in the begining of an auction. This will just cause the bid to increase. The strategy is to place a bid in the last few seconds. Have 2 windows open for convinience, The 1st for the bid you are willing to place for the item. The 2nd one is the backup plan. The second screen should be a higher amount. Depending on your budget you can go as far as you choose. Remember that you will not be the only one doing this as other people will also place their own bids in the final moments, and if someone outbids you then my friend there’s no chance of you going back and placing another bid. Thats why it is a good idea to keep another screen open with a higher bid price.

3.How much is a picture worth?

Well as they say “a picture is worth 1000 words” so dont forget to include it in the headline as it would capture the attention of your reader, which is what you want so that he will take the time to read your product rather than the other 100 similar products to yours. This also give the buyer a feel of the product, a taste of what he will be getting should he decide to get it. Most people would want to see what are they paying for & im sure you would too. so keep this in mind.

4.A Mesmerizing Headline.

According to research, you only have 10-15 seconds to capture your readers attention before he scans the whole page and moves to the next window so if you are not good and creating a capturing headline’s i suggest that you fine tune your skills as it plays a very important role. Example: coke for sale (Boring, makes me think of a warm can of a gassy drink) Example 2: Reward your self with a refreshing bottle of Ice Cold Coca Cola. You get the picture.

5.Ebay might be an ocean of oppurtunity but you should not take advantage of that by becoming a pirate (Zack Sparod), people dont like being lied to or taken advantage of so dont try your luck by extortions in the form of shipping in anyway, no if’s no but’s and if you ignore this advise and do it anyway you will end up fooling only your self and the only probable way you would be making good money after this stunt is by writing a book called “The Dumbest i did on ebay” Special Edition for Newbies.

Last word of advise work smart not hard (saves you time and it brings in more moolah)

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