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Different Ways to Motivate Your Team

Bertil Hjert asked:

An enthusiastic team is the backbone of success to any organisation. The biggest challenge is to motivate a team. Unless the team is motivated, you cannot expect success or profits. The team should be constantly forced by the leaders rather then being given autonomy or power to perform its own actions.

Remember that success in business is associated with motivation. Technical skills and knowledge may play a great role but without motivation, everything will fail to work. If you want to get the maximum from your team, you need to ignite or fuel it with the right kind of motivation. This will also provide them the zest to unleash their creativity and bring out their best.

There is a lot that takes to motivate your team. First, you need to want the best for your people. You need to find their need and ambitions in order to know about what motivates them. Once you start motivating them with the right force, you will see them performing their best.

Here are some of the best tips to keep motivating your team:

a) Motivate yourself

Let the team know that you are full of energy and enthusiasm to fulfill the task. Show your zest and faith in a project you want your team to accomplish. This will motivate your team to work better and feel good about the whole thing.

b) Goal

Your motivation should be purely based on the goal you have decided to attain. Let your team gets clear about the specific goals you want it to achieve. Be specific crystal clear and realistic about the goal you want your team to achieve.

c) Talk to your people

Remember, that people have different goals and the motivational factors vary from one person to other. You need to know who all are there in your team. Talk to them differently about their aspirations, dreams, expectations, fears etc. This will make it easy for you to know what they need from you to get motivated.

d) Make your team believe that their involvement in the project matters. Let them know how valuable their services are.

e) Appreciate the efforts made by your team. This will make wonders for your team’s motivation spirit. You can show your aspiration in the form of money, bonus, assigning designation etc.

f) Let your team have a sense of belonging. Once sense of belonging is formed, the team will get stronger in sense of loyalty effort and motivation.

g) Challenges

Some people are motivated by the challenges they face. Let your team know that accomplishing a project is not a cake walk but together, they can make it.

h) Don’t belittle your team’s performance. Let them know that they tried really hard. Once they get appreciated for their efforts, they will surely make more efforts to achieve success next time.

i) Let your team know the fruits of success. This will prove to be a great motivation force. Let them know about the celebration and rewards the team will get once the task is accomplished successfully.

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