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Are You Serious About Growing And Retaining Your Direct Sales Team?

Jackie Prehn asked:

As a direct sales leader, you look for every tip and technique to train, recognize, inform and motivate your team members. By far, the best tool to achieve these goals is through a monthly team newsletter. If you are consistently incorporating a team newsletter into your monthly team communication, then you are a serious leader intent on growing and retaining your team. If you are not consistently incorporating a team newsletter into your team communications, you might want to consider doing so. It has been proven that by consistently communicating and recognizing your team you will build your team faster and keep your team longer!

By publishing a monthly team newsletter for your direct sales team, you will be …

* Walking the walk of the level you want to be at … not at the level you are currently at!

* Treating your business like a business and taking it to the next level.

* Legitimizing your business – and this great industry – with a professional image and brand!

What should I include in my team newsletter?

If you’re taking the time to publish a newsletter for your team, make sure it is effective. An effective team newsletter includes training, recognition, team information and motivation.

* Training can take the form of training articles from industry trainers, tips from experienced team members and leaders, and information from a training event or conference.

* Recognition can just be sales and recruiting, but it is important to include other team members who might not get the opportunity to be recognized as your top performers. High party sales, outstanding fund raisers or even a new consultant’s first party are all excellent ways to get your team members names in the newsletter.

* Team Information can be team meeting dates and locations, conference call times and code numbers, and team incentive dates and details.

* Motivation can take the form of articles, quotes or even team member testimonials.

Should I really publish my team newsletter monthly?

Absolutely! For starters, it is easier and less time consuming to go back one month, then the last 3 (quarter), to gather recognition stats. Many top leaders send a newsletter out monthly because of this exact reason. Plus, (and more importantly) your recognition is timely. Your team does not have to wait 3 months to get celebrated and recognized. And finally, it is your job as a leader to communicate to your team on a monthly basis. Your team will take you more seriously (you will look more professional) if you consistently publish a newsletter for your team each month.

How big should my newsletter be?

Remember to respect your teams’ time, as they are just as busy as you are! Don’t send them pages and pages of a lengthy newsletter that they do not have the time to read. A simple one-page monthly newsletter is preferred by leaders, and their teams, as the best way to stay in contact on a monthly basis. In addition, a smaller newsletter is easy to display on a tack-board or refrigerator, share with others, or file away for future reference. But don’t let the smaller size fool you! A one-page newsletter can easily be packed with training, recognition, team information, victories and celebrations!

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