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Mikeal Whitemore asked:

The leadership, a term borrowed from English, defines the capacity of an individual to carry out or lead other individuals or organizations with an aim of achieving certain goals. It will be said whereas a leader is somebody who is able to guide, to influence and inspire.

A leader is distinguished from a manager or a decision maker, which has capacities for the administration, without “to carry out” the group, the organization or the country at another stage of its development. A good manager can be a leader, but two qualities are not automatically dependent. Associated the political sphere a long time, the leadership is a quality sought in a great number of fields. Thus, one will also speak about leadership in that, business world of the culture or the science or in the field of the sport. One will distinguish also public leadership from private leadership, this last being directed towards the company. A politician is thus not necessarily a leader; conversely, many leaders are not politicians.

As much the coverages by the leadership evolved/moved, as much qualities which define it multiplied. If the leadership in the past were closely associated with the personality with the leader and particularly with its charisma, much of recent studies suggest a capacity learned, fruit of the experiment and dependent on specific contexts. Among competences (or qualities) which one finds in the leaders, one can quote: vision, strategy, persuasion, the communication, confidence and ethics.

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