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What the Leadership Training Seminar Provides

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Leadership training seminar is given by Dr.Webber to leaders through out the world. The seminar contains various subjects. The subjects covered are described below:

The leadership training seminar provides training in the subject of what leadership is and why people follow leaders. It also focuses on the impact of leadership in the management. The subject also includes the topics about abusive leaders.\

The seminar includes the subject of what the leaders are and what are their main capacities. Dr.Webber also gives seminar on what leaders do and the practices of excellent leaders. Another part of seminar includes how leaders build leaders. The training seminar also concentrates on the main leadership quality to accept change. The seminars on several subjects will differ from hours to days depending upon the need. However the leadership training seminars will be always given at the time convenient to you and your organization.

Leadership training seminar helps in achieving employees’ strength and in creating intelligent leadership. It also helps in diagnosing the strengths and weaknesses in key areas in the organization.  Benefits of Leadership training seminars;

* It helps in identifying employee strengths and weaknesses and thereby enhances executive skills.

* It will guide employee’s career to meet current challenges and future directions.

* It helps in developing executive skills in recruitment and retention.

* It also helps in applying executive skills in improving team performance.

* It helps to achieve organizational values by integrating individual skills.

The vice presidents, managers and other executives in functional areas of the organization are required to attend leadership training seminars. The main objectives of providing seminars to them are as follows;

* Describing cognitive science of executive skills according to the organization in which the particular leader works is the main aim of leadership seminars.

* Defining unique executive skills is one of the main objectives of leadership training seminars.

* Describing how to maximize the strength of executive skills.

* Evaluating the executive skills according to the values of the organization.

* Identifying ways to apply executive skill model in the work place.

Outdoor leadership training seminars are given to the executives to develop the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual qualities in them. This will benefit them in meeting business challenges and needs. The seminars include adventure trips like skiing, mountaineering etc where the goals are previously set up be the persons who conduct theses seminars. This will help to develop the interpersonal skills and self awareness among the leaders. The Outdoor seminar is divided into three categories like summer seminar, fall seminar and 5 months seminar.

Outdoor seminars help in achieving leadership skills and in developing extensive experience in outdoor activities. This will surely benefit in enhancing potentiality of the leaders in an organization. During this program, leaders are encouraged to explore personal issues and practice group facilitation skills. They are also encouraged to share thoughts in group and solve any problems and hurdles. The seminars will also be given at convenient timings like part time in flexible situations like Christmas vacations and so on.

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