Defining Leadership

Seven Qualities for Successful Leadership

Patricia Woloch asked:

Webster’s Dictionary defines a leader as “A person who by force of example, talents, or qualities of leadership plays a directing role, wields commanding influence, or has a following in any sphere or activity or thought.” It defines leadership as the ingredients of the personality that cause men and women to follow them.

Three of the most important characteristics of leadership are dedication, charisma and enthusiasm. It is believed that every leader possesses a charisma that leads to change and success. Leadership begins with concern, vision, and mentorship.

Expert Magazine has put together seven traits that leaders should possess.

• Good listening skills. This is required in order to understand employee attitudes and motivators. By asking many open-ended questions, you can really get to know your employees. When you ask questions, you have a chance to listen, and when you listen, you begin to better understand employee motivations, body language and issues. Offer challenges and solutions, and provide credit to the employees who provide solid, honest replies to your inquiries.

• Enthusiasm. All employees want to be motivated. You must, as a leader, always present a positive and energetic attitude.

• Awareness. Be aware of non-verbals. Leaders must have a keen awareness of when employees are happy, frustrated, tired, or stressed.

• Be decisive. Be quick and decisive with your replies to your coworkers. No one likes a procrastinator. Good leaders do not ponder in their decision-making; they make quick decisions to problems and find quick solutions that work.

• Equal pay for equal treatment.

• Reward. Adults desire more than monetary reward in their work. Give them recognition and pats on the back for jobs done well. This sense of pride and self-worth is very important to most people.

• Positive Communication. Leaders must always create positive communication and feedback to their employees. This creates loyalty and a mutual exchange of ideas. When ideas are fresh, profits and productivity usually soar.

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