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Meeting Challenges and Leading People Effectively – PhD Leadership Distance Learning Programs

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PhD leadership distance learning programs prepare students to meet challenges and lead people effectively. The aim and purpose of these courses is to create bold, innovative and ethical leaders in different walks of life. The student needs to develop problem solving and research skills that will translate into leadership qualities in crisis and enable him to explore practical solutions for problems and challenges facing society today. Leadership programs are available in the field of education, training, management, sports or even in community projects.


The curriculum for PhD leadership distance learning programs is designed to promote the learner’s advancement of knowledge based on research as it is applied in professional practice. The learning goals are specific and credit is given to the student on the basis of his mastery over the learning goals defined. Students are expected to have a broad and deep understanding of and practical engagement with ethical and participatory leadership in their field of activity. To this end the topics include theoretical perspectives on leadership and organizational change, the rationale for and difficulties in creating organizational forms, the strengths and weaknesses of different change strategies and also case studies of real life situations.

Apart from general inputs on leadership, PhD leadership distance learning courses have a specific focus on an area of specialization. For instance, the leadership in education course has specific focus on the issues that are meaningful to the profession and the sports leadership program focuses on issues that are common in that field of activity.


Several Universities in the United States, Australia, UK and New Zealand offer PhD leadership distance learning courses. Capella University offers a PhD in Education with specific focus on leadership for higher education. Antioch University(OH) has a PhD program on Leadership and Change. Argosy University has a doctoral program on Business Education and psychology. Oral Roberts University has a doctoral course on Educational leadership. Nova Southeaster University, NorthCentral Univeristy, Pace University, University of Phoenix, University of Utah, University of Texas are some of the other US Universities that offer doctoral programs in Leadership. Central Queensland University, Charles Sturt University, Deakin University, Edit Cowan Univeristy, Griffith University and Southcross University in Australia have PhD programs in leadership.

Every trade has its own skill sets. If you want to function in leadership positions and lead your teams to success, it is necessary to acquire the tools of the trade. So enroll yourself for a leadership program and learn what it means to effectively lead your team to success!

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