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Workplace wellness programs benefit both employer and employee. For many companies, workplace wellness programs have become a valuable asset by lowering costs in absenteeism and work related injuries as well as disability management costs and worker’s compensation claims.

Studies have found that employee absenteeism is directly related to four primary factors. Depression, anxiety and other mental health disorders topped the list at 66% while stress came in a close second at 60%. Negative relationship with a supervisor or manager yielded 44% and co worker conflict in the workplace was at 28%. These factors can be effectively combated by employing workplace wellness programs. Conflict resolution programs, mental health programs and stress management courses have not only become popular, but have proven to be very effective.

Research spanning more than a decade has consistently shown workplace wellness programs to be financially effective and that every dollar invested on a corporate wellness program can return $2.30 and $10.10 by reducing absenteeism, sick day usage and by lowering insurance costs. Additionally it is noted that there are marked improvements in employee performance and productivity in organizations that implement a workplace wellness program.

Healthy organizations enjoy increased employee morale and an improved ability to attract and retain key people. Additionally, employees are more alert and productive. For instance, Coca Cola reports that they save an estimated $500 a year per employee once they implemented a fitness program in which 60% of their employees participate. Coors Brewing Company reported that employees who participated in their workplace wellness programs reduced their absentee rate by 18%.

Employees enjoy their share of benefits from workplace wellness programs too. A healthy lifestyle affects every part of a person’s life, including their work environment. Workplace wellness programs result in fewer injuries, less human error and a work environment that is more harmonious and relaxed. Additionally, employees who work at a company that implements a workplace wellness program know that their organization is concerned about their health and wellness. Employees often report a reduction in their stress levels due to workplace wellness programs.

As employees feel better, more relaxed, more valued and more human to their company; they enjoy an increase in productivity. This increase in productivity, while beneficial to the company, is also essential to the employee as it increases their own sense of self worth and confidence levels. Employees who feel successful and who feel that they accomplish goals are overall happier and in a better frame of mind.

The benefits of workplace wellness programs, both tangible and intangible, are evident. It is a wise move for a corporation to implement a workplace wellness program, particularly when they incorporate some form of mental health aspect into it. This also has social benefits as domestic violence and child abuse is shown to be decreased in areas where wellness programs are implemented. These days, an organization can almost not afford to have some sort of wellness program to offer to their employees.

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