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Why the United Nations Organisation Must be Expanded Today

Emeka Esogbue asked:

As you read this, bear in mind that all necessary machineries leading to the democratization of the Security Council of the UN must be set in motion today. If the UN is to win back its major role of preventing conflicts whether global or regional, this view must not be set aside. The UN has in recent times been occupied with the business of conflict resolution rather than conflict prevention. The point here is that it is of overriding importance to the UN to place a very high priority on prevention above resolution.

It would appear that in this contemporary time, obviously due to the rising influence of the USA, advancement of technology, terrorism, which now phase in International Relations, the fall of the former USSR which effectively checkmated the USA in the past. With the collapse of the bi-polarity the UN will have to battle to prove its friendliness to other developing countries. Who is unaware that UN is too closely tied to the US which makes it very difficult to separate the UN from the USA. The UN is US and US is UN.

If the UN desires to carry other member states along, it needs to extricate itself from the arms of the USA. Others Nations from the developed world need included in the Security arrangement of the UN. Nations such as Nigeria, Egypt, south-Africa and others all have the required criteria and potentials for this inclusion.

The inclusion of Nigeria, Africa’s leading oil producer, US fifth oil supplier, the largest Black Nation in the world, having participated in nearly all the peace keeping force of Un, spent so much of her natural and human resources deserves a security seat. The inclusion of Egypt, an Arab Nation will pacify the world.

It was possible for the USA to invade Iraq, the second time without apparent reasons and the backing of the Security Council but armed with the reason of presence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq which History has since rubbished. The USA proved to the world that the Security Council was unnecessary and that it (US) was mightier than it.

With the rise of terrorism, development of more sophisticated weapons, military weapons, advancement in technology, the solution to this lies in the expansion of Unto give every Nation a sense of belonging.


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