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The Second Biological Law States That Every Illness Has Two Phases if There is a Conflict Resolution

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rence between a law and a rule is that rules have exception. The expression an “iron clad law” denotes this distinction.

In Meta-Medicine there are two phases to every illness if one has a conflict resolution. The 2nd phase can be when many symptoms appear, the commonest being fatigue.

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Typical symptoms of the parasympathetic nervous system are:

– Fatigue and tiredness – Good appetite – Weight gain – Warm body and extremities – Low blood pressure – Slow heart rate – Wide blood vessels – Digestive organs get much blood – Perspiration, hot skin and body – Fever – All digestive and elimination activities are amplified – Build up of reserves and energy for the next day .

In conventional medicine they classified 500 cold diseases and 500 warm diseases. It can now be seen that the number need be halved as you actually have 500 tandems (two sides of the same coin).

This understanding has huge implications. A new understanding of these facts means that how you respond clinically totally changes.

An Example

A good example is eczema. This is a “contact” conflict or in other words “separation or wanting to be separated.”

In the 1st phase there are microscopic changes to the skin which would only be noticed if looked for. There is accompanying desensitization of the area so as to “reduce the pain associated with being separated.” When the person/thing is reunited with the subject/object the redness appears.

The Dr. gives cortisone cream which suppresses the redness i.e. pushes one back into 1st phase. When the cream is stopped it reappears so long as this issue with separation persists. In extreme cases one might choose to have the cortisone due to the intense discomfort. This issue will be elaborated on in a later article.

Many diseases have their symptoms in the second phase. The point to beware of is the healing crisis. Essentially the organism replays the whole conflict content again in a compressed fashion. The purpose is that it allows the squeezing out of excess fluid and helps restore the organism to a normal day/night rhythm. With certain organs like the liver and the heart this can be lethal. In the future some of these deaths will be avoided as acute medical care in the form of cortisone injections will help mobilize the body’s resources so it can “get over the hill.”

The conflict for the myocardium (muscle of heart) is a feeling of being “overwhelmed” equivalent to being dragged through the sand. In the healing phase the blood pressure shoots up, the heart trembles and sometimes a myocardial infarction (heart attack) ensues.

It is important to stress that it is only if the criteria are met in the first biological law will it impact the body. Many people feel overwhelmed and don’t have a heart attack.

What is that it making the person unhappy, when did it start, what are the factors responsible for this feeling. Where are they in the process. If as in some instances the healing phase (2nd phase) is leading to peoples death what can be done??

As conventional medicine lacks this understanding they inadvertently keep the patient in fear which always compounds problems. If they knew that some pain was a good sign rather than the beginning of the end things would be very different for many people.

Next article will look at the 3rd biological law. (This shows how the study of embryology yielded invaluable insights into this marvel of Nature.)

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