Conflict Resolution

Methods of Solving Frequent Conflicts

Alena Orlova asked:

We all understand that marital life is not a perfect and aromatic rose in your garden, in reality it’s a risky thorn that can cut you much if you don’t understand how to conduct with it. Each family has a number of common troubles occurring in usual life so you have to know the approaches of clarifying these troubles in order to be joyful in your family life. Below we are offering a list of most frequent conflicts and their ways of resolution. Make an attempt to fulfill them:

1. Russian Girls generally say that their men totally do not desire to hear them. Make an attempt to hear your soul mate and perhaps you’ll discover her words more attractive and valuable than before.

2. In guys’ part complain that boys have about girls that young ladies all the time do all their best to alter boys.

3. When a girl tries to transform or reform or give some tips to a boy, men hear that they are told that they are not competent and do not have any knowledge how to do some affairs or that they cannot perform some things on their own.

4. Men often try to cheer up a young lady when she is upset by offering solving to her difficulties. She interprets this as ungrounded her passions. What really young ladies need is tenderness thoughtfulness while boys give solutions.

5. Men all time consider ladies need advice or resolutions to solving troubles because they suppose this is the best way to be profitable and to prove passion; young ladies usually desire some person to truly listen to them.

6. Men consistently avoid cooking and other housework and make other to do it. For girls, freshness in her house is an personification of warm and comfort. Any complaints begin because men and Russian women have various perception for order at place of living.

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