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Insominia May be Helped With Ho'oponopono

Zinn Jeremiah asked:

is an especially common condition, particularly in the US. Defined, insomnia is a difficulty or outright inability to fall or stay asleep. While the prospect of poor or nonexistent sleep would obviously be a bother, a lack of quality sleep can also have considerable effects on one’s physical and mental health. Among other things, lacking sleep can affect a person’s cognitive functioning capabilities, and can even lead to psychological disturbances including depression. Sleep then can be can be legitimately viewed as a necessity, and not merely as a comfort.

Insomnia can be a perplexing condition, with various reasons for why a person may have trouble sleeping. It’s not at all unusual for a person at one time or another to experience the occasional bout of insomnia. Feeling stressed about some element in one’s life can certainly lead to poor sleep. While these of sorts of things aren’t something to look forward to or especially enjoy, they aren’t uncommon per se and don’t ordinarily qualify as quite serious. Where insomnia does become a concern is in situations where it’s chronic, and possibly also where it’s not precipitated by anything specific.

Because insomnia is fairly common, there are a number of possible treatments for an insomniac condition. One potential treatment for insomnia may be a technique known as ho’oponopono. Ho’oponopono comes from ancient Hawaiian tradition, and has its roots in problem solving. In earliest inception, ho’oponopono was used as a conflict resolution tool. A newer version of ho’oponopono was developed with the notion of restoring spiritual balance, and finding emotional harmony.

This more recent ho’oponopono form is often referred to simply as ho’oponopono, though it’s sometimes referred to as Self-Identity Ho’oponopono. While it’s specific identification isn’t vital per se, there is a unique angle to this more recent ho’oponopono form: its focus is on finding peace and harmony within the self, rather than involving others in an attempt to settle conflict between parties.

The ho’oponopono form has shown some interesting results, including a reported sense of calm and even lowered blood pressure. In fairness, there are those who question the results ho’oponopono is said to achieve, as well as those who question whether the ho’oponopono technique itself isn’t some form of false spiritualism. This isn’t in any way to suggest that a person with insomnia ought to start using the ho’oponopono technique as a form of treatment. Still, ho’oponopono does present another possible form of coping with can be an especially significant problem.

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