Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution

Reza Borr asked:

Nothing is more dangerous than conflict
Those who loved each other once will turn one-day into destructive enemies and cause immense problems not only for themselves but to anybody who is somehow related to them. The conflict in the family between husband and wife destroys the lives of the children. Conflicts in organizations between an employee and his manager undermine the performance of the whole organization.

The conflicts could be between two countries, two organizations, two tribes, two departments, two groups, two individuals. One of the major reasons for stress, poverty, illness, and lack of fulfilment is conflict.

Conflict can be emotional, psychological, physical, verbal, cultural, social, political and economic. A conflict practically starts at the moment that somebody feels that somehow others are not behaving in the way he wanted; or they deny her the opportunity to achieve her goals. At this stage that conflict is quite invisible but has already created some kind of resentment. If this pattern continues to grow further, the level of resentment between the two sides grows further to the point where the sad and unfortunate consequences can happen.

Since conflicts are emotional and psychological phenomena they could be resolved by managing emotions and psychological responses. The people who are aware of the grave negative results of conflicts begin to address them immediately as soon as he feels them before they turn into serious issues. If you think of people who have committed some unacceptable behaviour, you know that they could have prevented these behaviours if they had acted on time before the sentiments of resentment started boiling.

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