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Vancouver is Preparing Tomorrow’s Leaders

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Vancouver is Preparing Tomorrow’s Leaders


Vancouver, Canada is a thriving city with a growing economy. As such, it is devoted to helping young people become business leaders. Thus, the city’s Board of Trade has started the Leaders of Tomorrow program. Each year, 75 outstanding students are selected to participate in the program. These young people are known as “mentees.” They spend a year learning the ropes of the business world from those who know best; professional entrepreneurs.

The Leaders of Tomorrow program engages post-secondary students who are planning to enter the business world. It pairs these young people with industry experts who act as mentors. Their aim is to develop the managerial skills of Vancouver’s future professionals. There are four major aspects of the Leaders of Tomorrow program. These are Mentorship, Volunteerism, Networking, and Leadership.

For the mentorship part of the program, each participant receives at least twenty hours of dedicated time with their mentor. These mentors are volunteers from Vancouver’s business community. The volunteers hope to help their mentees develop positive skills and expand existing talents. In doing so, these young people will be better equipped to succeed in the professional world. Participants in the Leaders of Tomorrow program are also expected to volunteer in the community they are a part of. This teaches them how important it is to be a responsible citizen and help others. The Leaders of Tomorrow mentees perform about 9,000 hours of volunteer work each year.

Being a part of Leaders of Tomorrow helps mentees learn to network with current business professionals. As special members of the Vancouver Board of Trade, they are given access to more than five hundred events every year. Some of these even include roundtable discussions with industry leaders. This is where mentees can ask all the important questions they may have and learn about the real business community from those who are a part of it. Mentees also attend career fairs and special social gatherings to help them advance their position.

As part of the leadership development aspect of the program, mentees listen to keynote speakers and are provided with reading lists to help them develop their skills. Mentees also develop the confidence necessary to lead others. Ultimately, graduates of the Leaders of Tomorrow program enter the business world well-prepared to tackle any challenge. They know how to make contacts, think critically, and get the job done.

Leaders of Tomorrow is made possible by various donations and sponsorships. Applicants for the program must be in their third year of post-secondary or graduate study in the Vancouver area. Those selected are chosen based upon their leadership experience and ability to express their goals. Anyone wishing to apply to this program can get more information from the program’s website at




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