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Top Five Ways to Seduce a Woman in Under 60 Seconds

John Basen asked:
Ever sit at a bar and look around, and notice that some guys just have that innate indescribable characteristic – that charm that attracts woman to them. I hate to burst your bubble the truth is – whether those guys are conscious of it or not, they are utilizing some very simple tactics to attract the opposite sex.
Some of the top social psychologists from all over the country have complied data that says up to 80% of interpersonal attraction is non-verbal. What they mean is that the battle isn’t finding the right thing to say, or the perfect pick up line – it’s all in the subtle idiosyncrasies that we as humans use to communicate daily with other humans – with even being aware of it. Scientists have confirmed that the battle in the bar, or the nightclub is won with body language. The editors  have compiled the TOP 5 ways to seduce any woman in under 60 Seconds.
Regardless of how tall, or how buff someone may be – the guy with anatomically correct and a powerful posture gives off the vibe that he is confident and important. Let’s face it, we all want to date attractive women, but we must also realize that attractive woman are hit on all the time. That’s why you have to stand out, and having a commanding and powerful posture will definitely help. There are 3 basic rules of a good powerful posture
1. Imagine a string attached to the top of your head, and then imagine someone pulled the string straight up towards the sky. This should slightly elongate the neck and straighten the back.
2. Shoulders should be slightly pulled back to reveal an open and broad chest. Too much of this and then you’ll give off the vibe that you are too cocky and probably just compensating for something…small. A broad and open chest shows that one is unafraid of the environment around them, and ready for anything that may come their way.
3. Hands – our funny five fingered extremities that are so vital to our survival, but in nerve-racking situations always run for cover in a pocket. Your hands should be free and relaxed. Hold a drink or cigarette if you must, but simply keeping your hands calm goes a very long way – The worst thing a guy can be is be the bar table drummer.
Various studies on the brain have shown a massive increase in brain activity when we look directly into another persons eyes. It all goes back to Darwin and the survival of the fittest. Eyes aren’t only used to help us navigate our environments, our eyes are also how we express ourselves. I’m sure you’ve heard the old
adage – Eyes are windows to your soul – I know, sounds cheesy, but in a way it’s true. Pay attention the next time you’re out at a bar and you’ll be surprised. Here are some very important signs to look for.
1. Have you ever walked past a woman whom you catch them for an instant looking at you and as soon as you focus back on them they look away. It’s what I call a “lure.” Whether she knows it or not, she is actually letting you know, through non-verbal communication that she’s interested. Woman have been molded by our society to be the prey, and allow men to be the predators. Next time you see notice that cuttie you thought was blowing you off pull one of these, attack.
2. Another very important factor in gaugeing whether or not she is interested in you is by watching the pupils. I know this sounds very CIA, but when people are attracted to you, their pupils dilate and become larger. Even more interesting is that people are also considered more attractive when their pupils are dilated. Hence, bars always that dim lighted ambiance, and let’s not forget what a couple of drinks can do to your pupils. Eyes are very revealing so pay close attention and you’ll be ahead of the game.
It’s funny how much you can learn about out mating rituals by observing our good friends in the animal kingdom. Although this next principle varies from specie to specie, every organism that mates is attracted to it’s counter part for certain reasons. For example, the male peacock with brightest and most robust feathers will get more peacock booty. Same goes for the duck, or the rooster with the largest RED thingy. Now I’m not saying go out dressing like Dennis Rodman, but wearing a little flare next time you go out will help you stand out from the crowd. Because let’s face, most clubs you go don’t have the best ratio. It’s usually a bunch of horny guys battling and competing with each other for the same limited resource – the hot single girl. I can’t really tell you what exactly to wear, but I can tell you that no matter how outrageous it is, if you have the balls to wear it, and be confident – you’ll definitely stand out from that sea of douche bags.
I was very skeptical about this tip until I actually went into the trenches and tried it myself. The principle is really simple – Whenever you enter a room, come in as though you’re the king of the world and that you’re feeling like a million bucks. Studied have shown that in a crowded room, such as a bar, or a club, the people that are most noticed are the one’s who just come in. However, the way most brains work is that if some object is relatively similar to all surrounding objects then that thing will probably go unnoticed. So I took to the streets with some of my fellow PLEASURELOUNGE.NET editors and hit up some local hot spots to see what exactly us guys look like in action, and I have to say, Derek Zoolander would be very threatened at all the Blue Steel wannabees walking in. It was very easy to see how a smile and maybe even a chuckle could make you more desirable in to woman in under 30 seconds.
This is by far the most important thing every man should know and live by. Even if you have all four of the previous tips perfected, without this you are just not in control. I like to call it the 3 SECOND RULE. Man’s worst enemy in bars and clubs aren’t other men, or bitchy pre-menstrual woman – Man’s worst enemy is himself and his own insecurities. We all have them, and chances are we will always have them. The 3 SECOND RULE was designed to bypass anyone’s insecurity and probably the easiest tip on this list. So with out further adieu – The next time you see a woman you’re attracted to and want to approach, you have exactly 3 seconds to make your move before your insecurities will talk to you out of it. Now I’m not a shrink, and I’m not even going to touch on the subject of what causes insecurity in men and blah blah blah…The truth is I don’t care. Because if you make your move in 3 seconds or less, you never have to let those insecurities affect you. That’s all there is too it. From the very first moment you lay your eyes on that beautiful blonde with perfect breasts and Angelina Jolie lips, you better get your ass in gear because after 3 seconds, I guarantee you that you’ll just another one of those guys, standing up against the bar drooling all over yourself wondering what could have been.

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