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Take Me to Your Leader

James Slader asked:

With apologies to all the B-level Sci-Fi flicks out there, you do want neophyte downline members to seek you as their leader. You want this because you want them to receive the same guidance you probably received when you began your affiliate business. When you make a connection, on a personal level, with your downline, you inspire.

Inspiration is a great thing. It causes people to do things they normally would not have tried. Inspiration is confidence ready for action. Your job as a leader of your downline is to inspire your team to work together. When your team feels inspired because of your leadership, they will be motivated. This motivation will cause them to plan and execute their affiliate marketing activities with energy. However, it’s best when you can get them doing this as a team, with you as their mentor.

The reason being, a team moves ahead faster and accomplishes more than an individual often does. In a team environment, members feed off one another. There is give and take that is unique to a team dynamic. A team that works well together supports each other. When one member is having difficulties, there is always someone there to encourage and give advice. This mindset of helping one another has to come from the team leader. In an affiliate program, you as a team leader of your downline have to instill this thinking in your group.

When you connect with your downline as an effective leader, you enable them to learn the affiliate marketing business faster. All of your experience and affiliate product study is ready for them. This is knowledge they do not have to go out and garner through the school-of-hard-knocks. Sure, they will have their own experiences and they will acquire knowledge, but at least you give them a head start.

They can begin their affiliate marketing business with a sound base of knowledge given by you. This means they can avoid any mistakes you may have made. This means they can become productive earlier. When they are productive early on in the process, they become more motivated. They plan for even greater growth, and they execute with verve because you showed them the way. They trust you because your leadership provided benefits to them.

That’s why it’s important that a true leader form a bond or connection with his or her army, so-to-speak. People like people who invest in them emotionally, and intellectually. It shows them that they are valued as human beings. Effective leaders who convey this to their downline will get that extra effort they need to move theirs and their team’s business forward.

It has to be genuine concern for your downline. Fake sincerity won’t cut it. You have to treat your downline according to the age-old Golden Rule. Treat them, as you want to be treated. Don’t treat them like ledger numbers to push you into another income bracket. They will sense that, recoil, and look for another affiliate-marketing leader who leads out of a true concern for his or her downline.

When you instill the team concept no one member has to feel they have to go it alone. You as a leader need to create an atmosphere of open communication where ideas and solutions share freely. This give and take will cause your downline to plan, and execute their plans, as a team. They will want to because they know success will come faster when they work together. With you as the guiding mentor over them, offering your valuable experience, they know they will have an edge over those marketers who have no support structure.

Be that affiliate-marketing leader who connects with a downline personally, to inspire. Be that type of leader who lets their downline know he or she is always there to offer assistance. Finally, be that leader who gets the team together, online or in person, to brainstorm. Watch the creative ideas flow as you, their leader, encourage open communication within the team. Watch your motivated team execute your marketing initiatives. Watch the team you lead take the affiliate enterprise to new heights. As new downline members come on board and see the potential in the business, you may well hear one ask another “Take me to your leader”. Then you will know you truly are inspiring them.

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