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Some Essential Tips on Verbal Flirting

Francis Githinji asked:

Have you tried the non verbal way of flirting and you have failed miserably. When you tried to use your eyes to communicate the other person was completely clueless, you used your body, the sitting position, the touching, the smiling, anything you could think of but you still got only a hello and how are you. Your flirting efforts were never rewarded by anything. Maybe it is time you tried out the verbal flirting. Verbal flirting is a way of telling the person that you are interested in him or her by using your voice. Verbal flirting really works however you have to be very careful when you decide to indulge in it. This is because unlike flirting with your body where you will be far away from the person and there could be no injured body parts, verbal flirting can cause you enough damage especially if you do not get it right.

Talking in whispers is a form of verbal flirting. Now this is quite an easy thing to do you would argue but it is not. It should be easy but when you are flirting and you are using the whispering form of flirting make sure you check your breath. Do not indulge yourself with certain foods that are known to give bad odors, stay away from them. You should also be very careful about what you whisper about. Do not whisper something that is very offensive to the person. You can whisper about something silly or important like a compliment you really wanted to give to him or her.

When you are in a crowd and you intend to flirt with someone in that crowd do everything you can to refrain yourself from shouting. You might think that if you were to shout you would capture the person’s attention but you would be surprised that you will pass unnoticed. If you have to make a point, do so in a level voice and a reasonable manner. People love mature and reasonable people. Work your way up their heart by talking in a leveled voice, one that is culture and interesting to listen too. You have to admit it; people who shout always look stupid most of the time, no offense. So if you want verbal flirting to work for you do not shout.

If you are going to use one of those flirty line like, did the sun just shine too bright or did you smile on me, be creative. Come up with your own line, one that will capture his or her attention. This is because a lot of people flirt and a lot of them use those lines. The person could have heard it a million times and if they hear it again they will ignore everything you say. When verbal flirting while using a flirt lines, get creative, find something interesting to say, something original, captivating and funny. That way, you will break the ice between the two of you and get the two of you talking.


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