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Michael Gibson and Christina Kendall Gibson Appointed as Heads of Community Strategies

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Prior to be appointed as the heads of Community Strategies, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gibson was Executive Vice President of Operations, at the Direct Impact Company where they were employed for ten years. In this role, the Gibsons spearheaded the successful application of the company’s capabilities in direct education, public relations, advertising, grassroots media and marketing and other promotional campaigns. directly oversaw and implemented Direct Impact’s most effective integrated grassroots programs. The Gibsons helped develop a bi partisan field network and create high touch direct contact center. Through these efforts, they were able to build the unique contact patterns still utilized in grassroots campaigns today.

During his tenure, Michael Gibson has made a special practice of local siting campaigns, creating and managing some of most successful grassroots efforts in the history of this industry. Gibson was involved in several campaigns for American Water Works one of which won a Silver Anvil Award. Gibson has also worked on other siting issues for clients such as; IKEA, Entergy Power, San Diego Gas & Electric, American University, Joe Robbie Stadium, Chicago Bears, and Pierre Water while Christina Kendall Gibson, an accomplished “K Street” veteran, has more than eight years in extensive government relations experience with large national organizations in corporate, non-profit and for-profit sectors with a focus on leadership development through grassroots and political advocacy. Her expertise includes Strategic Planning, Grassroots and Coalition Development, Political Analysis & Strategy, Political Fundraising, and Political Action Committee Management.

Michael C. Gibson, President of Community Strategies said, “To keep up with the evolving political climate, we plan to be more proactive and forward-thinking by applying age-old campaign style tactics with online business marketing techniques. This will allow us to provide our clients with the most innovative and integrative strategies.”

Community Strategies built its reputation on providing traditional grassroots lobbying and advocacy. As technology and communications have become more sophisticated, the company re-evaluated its core strategies. This resulted in a marriage of traditional grassroots lobbying and innovative online marketing techniques.

“Our company offers the most powerful online recruitment, mobilization, and advocate outreach in the industry. We apply E-commerce-style advertising techniques to recruitment and awareness campaigns to advocate retention and development,” said Mr. Gibson.

About Community Strategies

Founded in 2004, Community Strategies is an independently owned public affairs consultancy with offices in the Washington Metropolitan area. Clients include corporations, governments, industry associations and nonprofit organizations. Community Strategies is a recognized leader in leveraging the online medium, helping clients shape their reputation and influence issue environments nationally. Community Strategies provides strategic counsel and implementation support for a variety of businesses by helping them optimize their high-impact, advocacy campaigns.

With the flood of mass communications bombarding Legislators everyday, it is critical to find fresh, new ways to get your message across. Our unique approach combines traditional grassroots tactics with innovative online advocacy and high-tech outreach communications services listed below.

– Government Relations

– Grassroots Campaigns

– Grasstops Campaigns

– Nationwide Field Operations

– Public Relations

– Online Mobilization

– Online Advocacy Center

– Online Political Ads

– Customizable Reports

– Flexible Campaigns

– The Communication Center

– Legislative Correspondence

– Political Campaign Management

– Executive Recruiter

– Blast Email/Fax Alerts


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