Communicating as a Leader

How You Can Learn To Be An Inspiring Leader to Motivate Your Team

Rauf Yusope asked:

You can get really fascinated watching these well known leaders leading from the front. The great presence they created. It is just that fascinating. There are so many things you can learn and gain just by watching them in action. “What makes an inspiring leader?”, I once asked myself. After years of communicating, observing, and experiencing leadership, I have learn a lot about certain traits and qualities of an inspiring leader.

These leaders work well with the team. I remembered once there was a saying “More than one head are certainly work better than one head right?” One must realize with a capable leader, the fusion of great ideas formed by more than one team members can create great and tremendous results. Try doing that forming your team mission statement on your own as compared developing it as a your team. There can be huge difference. Not only you gather more ideas, you can learn more from the team experience.

Inspiring leaders guides the team well. They tend to make it look simple. They are able to motivate and make the team understand clearly the mission statement, goals and their roles in the team. People tend to look forward to work with these leaders. Inspiring leaders build on team players strength very well. They showed great care and concern for the team players. They are generally generous with their compliments for good work done. You will be surprised what a simple thank you and great job comments can do greatly to motivate ones spirit up.

Inspiring leaders tend to be great speakers. When these leaders speak, people tend to lean forward and anticipate greatly hearing their speech. They are able to create learning and valuable points when they speak. It can be few words but powerful impact on others life. Through their sharing they tend to make people realize that there is a lot more to life.

Inspiring leaders are also great listeners. They are those who makes the effort to put themselves in others shoes. Though they do not have the solutions to all problems, they make great effort to listen to others and work towards solving the problem.

Another common trait of inspiring leaders is they are great learners from mistakes. It seems that all those I considered inspiring leaders have their pitfalls. They are either hate or love most. But what I admired about them is they pick themselves up well and believe in themselves tremendously to create impact on others.

They are still a lot more traits of an inspiring leaders that we can learn from. I am grateful to have the opportunity to learn from them.

As I continue this learning journey, I am once again grateful that through wonderful medium of the internet and business opportunity such as home business, it has enabled me to meet inspiring leaders from all walks of life. Continue learning from inspiring leaders and you will be inspired to grow. I heard that somewhere before. That got me inspired.

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