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How to Turn Him on – Simple Yet Effective Tips on How to Turn Him On!

Sarah Nichols asked:


You now he’s attracted to you.


He’s always around; always ready to set his appointments aside to meet up with you; spends at least 2 hours on the phone talking to you; never runs out of things to share with you; and a lot more.


The signs are on your side. It’s about time you cash in on that and turn up the heat. But how on earth are you going to do that?


For one thing, men are expected to make the first sexy move. Any steamy action on your part would either catch him off guard and intimidate him or…get him sweating hard for you in a way that you’ll both love and enjoy.


Here are some simple yet effective how-to-turn-him-on tips that will get you guys moving in the right (and HOT) direction 10 times faster…


How To Turn Him On – Tip 1: Know when to push and when to pull.


Have you ever seen a cat crazily going after a string?


Try pulling it away from the cat and he follows it no matter what. Let him have it for long and he’ll be disinterested. But let the cat play with the string for a couple of seconds then take it away…see how wacky the cat goes after it?


Men love it when they are being teased that way, even if they deny it. Try talking about sexual stuff then all of a sudden shift to a generic topic.


This goes the same thing for moving up physically. Go licking his earlobes down to his neck slowly and STOP. See how he reacts. Then continue until you to the sexier and bolder moves.


How To Turn Him On – Tip 2: Use the power of non-verbal cues.


Men are very visual. The steamy things you say would have more impact if it blends with your non-verbal communication.


Try invading his space and looking straight in his eyes. Not a lot of people are bold or sincere enough to do this. Doing so conveys to your man that you’re dead-serious with what you say, and you won’t settle for anything less.


Confident! And men love it.


Another trick is to wetting and biting your lips. Its as if you’re saying your lips are drying up with the heat pent up inside and that you want to share that with him.


How To Turn Him On – Tip 3: Let him know that he’s turning you on, too!


Don’t try to fake it though as guys with be able to sniff on that. But if you’re genuinely feeling it, then be honest with it. Its ok to make noise while you’re both taking each other’s shirt or while your hands are taking a trip on your burning bodies.


Ever wondered why men find porn movies as BIG turn on’s? One of the big factors is that women in porn movies make a lot of noise and aren’t timid when they express themselves in bed.


I know there are, literally, hundreds of creative and sexy ways on how to turn him on. But get the how-to-turn-him-on tips above right and you’re sure to enjoy every night with your guy.



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