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Donna Perry asked:

A new fundraising program in Australia has also paved the way for creating more socially conscious leaders for tomorrow.

School Social Clubs is the brainchild of mum of three, Donna Perry who says “The idea for our program grew as a result of my frustration as a parent of school aged children constantly inundated with fundraising requests from schools, sporting associations and activity groups that my children were involved with – let alone the door knockers and the children of neighbours and friends trying to sell their own boxes of chocolates.”

So Donna developed a program which met the needs of all involved whilst changing the face of fundraising.  Now, instead of being asked to buy something they don’t really want or need, parents simply follow their normal shopping patterns using an online store – buying only items that they do want – and the profits are shared.

The icing on the cake though is the impact that this program will have on the school students themselves.  Donna believes strongly that our youth of today are more savvy, more socially aware and more consumer oriented than ever before.  She tells stories of young children who have asked why they have donated a cake to the cake stall only to go and buy it back!

This program alerts students to the concept of sharing the profits and how philanthropy is a state of mind not a once off donation.  Every business – whether big or small – can contribute on an ongoing basis to those less fortunate whilst still running a profitable venture.

“These students will be the business owners and economic leaders of tomorrow and just maybe after experiencing the benefits of a program such as ours they will go into the world intent on carrying forward our philosophy and this will change the face of fundraising forever.” says Donna.


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