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Find the Leader Within

Jacob Curties asked:

The reason why you are reading this article is that you have the motivation to be a leader. Hence, you are already in the making. The search to become a leader would have given you ways, steps, essentials, etc. to become a leader and few close enough, might have given you idea on how to be a leader. Now, what do you think? Do you think you have got the ways, the steps and the ingredients to become a leader or are you still lacking something, which is not making you as a whole, to be a leader?

The following factors (after analyzing in a critic’s perspective) will not leave you confused. The article is not going to invent new phases for leadership. All it does is, invent the leader in you.

Leadership is widely mistaken as handling others, to achieve a goal by setting a vision. Leadership starts from within for oneself. The leader should be good enough to lead him, which sets him an example on how to lead a team. The reader can compare “Lead-Yourself” with “Lead-Another-Person”, to believe that he is already a leader. The braces of “Lead-Yourself” and “Lead-Another-Person”, correlate exactly with each other. (i.e. The first point’s outcome under “Lead-Yourself” (Plans / Avoids Procrastination) and the first point’s outcome under “Lead-Another-Person”, (Vision / Taking Charge), are the same.)


The point from where one can start off to think as a leader is when, one:

1. Never procrastinates any of the scheduled works. (Plans / Avoids Procrastination)

2. Manages time for the accurate execution of the plan. (Time Management / Challenger)

3. Thrives for alternative solutions rather than to fall, by the stress. (Stress Management)

4. Communicates within oneself, for the source of encouragement. (Self Help)

5. Have the capability to verify what he thinks is right. (Open Mind)

The above mentioned are not the steps to become a leader, but the mirror to show oneself that a leader is already on the move.


The point from where one can be a leader, for a team is when, one:

1. Sets the required vision (depending on what needs to be done) and converts it into the goal for the team. (Vision / Taking Charge)

2. Focuses on the outcome rather than the present situation, which indulges bold decisions instantly. (Risk Taker)

3. Always has plan B, for any given situation within the vision, which fulfills the whole reason. (Towards Excellence)

4. Makes the team to feel important and individually special, which becomes an inspiration. (Interactive / Sets an example)

5. Listens and recognizes the point made, to achieve the goal set to the team. (Maintain Integrity)

If the reader is able to view himself under “Lead-Yourself”, then you are already a leader. If not, all that needs to be done, is to work on “Lead-Yourself” which carves the leader from within. After all, a leader is always in the making because leaders have to run ahead of others to retain their current position. Remember, leadership is not pushing but pulling, which means the leader should be always, ahead on the ladder.

Finally, there is one more question that you and I need answer to…

“Whats the need to be a leader?”

The very simple reason being, to earn our own “identity” in this world. Interestingly, a person involuntarily, fights for his own identity that makes him to feel as a successive personality. Example: In many instances we have a different point of view from others no matter how close we are and that makes everyone a unique being in this world. The identity, a person wins as not being a leader, gets often polished and wither due to lack of recognition, that turns out to be a comprise with oneself. The reason for this is, only leaders have the courage to believe in what they are as well as the common thought that every leader have is, maintaining integrity at all times.

“If you cannot lead yourself, you have no chance to lead another person.”

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