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Discover How to Prospect Like a Pro and Have People Begging to Join your Home Based Business- Three Things That Make All the Difference

Dani Johnson asked:

The definition of insanity is to keep on doing the same thing over and over again and yet expect a different result. If you are in a home based business and you are prospecting you already know that to succeed in your business venture you must prospect and close effectively or the bottom line is, you have no income. Now if you have no income then you have no business. So many times just changing one small thing can create a huge result in the game of prospecting. Let’s talk today about the bottom line, prospecting effectively so you can generate an income in your business.

These strategies that I am going to teach you are the exact same methods that I have used personally in business during the last 17 years and have trained tens of thousands of others with as well. Not a lot of fluff, nonsense and motivation, because we all know that isn’t going to make anyone money.

Three Things In Prospecting That Make All The Difference In Your Communicating

People try to communicate with a prospect in a way most often that they don’t even realize. After coaching with thousands of people I have noticed some of the strangest things. I have people on a coaching call with me, they are confident and assured and then all of a sudden their tone of voice changes, poof- they are fearful. They begin acting like what they believe they should be rather than being themselves. Be yourself- you’re the best at that! Here are three things that will make a huge difference in your prospecting results.

1. It’s not what you say it’s how you say it.

2. 93% of all communication is non-verbal. Only 7% is verbal.

3. What is in your mind when you are prospecting is what you are marketing

It’s not what you say it’s how you say it. Here’s the proof, advertisers on television and on the radio have figured this out. It’s about tonality, it’s about facial expressions. Even when you are prospecting on the phone in an internet business you can hear when people are smiling and you can hear when they are fearful. What are you communicating to people?

We’ve all heard the popular drug commercials where they paint a picture in our mind where we have to have that drug, we have to have relief from all that is bothering us, we pick up the phone and order the drugs. Yet in the same tone of voice that they painted this perfect picture of how their drugs are going to help us, they told us that we might have abdominal cramping, we are going to have diarrhea, we are going to have lack of sex drive, we are going to have memory loss and in rare cases we actually could die. But we order the drugs because it is not what they said it is how they say it.

93% of all communication is non-verbal. Only 7% has to do with the words that you are speaking. Are you fearful? That is what you are communicating. Are you manipulating? That is what you are communicating. Are you direct and confident? That is what you are communicating. Are you sincerely putting the needs of your prospect first or are you just hoping the person on the line will give you their credit card? Are you being genuinely interested in your prospect and really concerned about how you can help them become a success? These are the things that you are communicating and your prospect can hear them.

Whatever is in your mind when you are prospecting is what you are communicating Do you have assuredness or do you weaken when it comes to the close? Do you hold a position of confidence until it comes to the time when you have to ask someone to make a decision to get started? Does fear come in at the close? This is what you are communicating. You are communicating that I am not confident about my business and I am fearful to ask you for money because I am really not sure if anyone really can be successful in this.

You can’t lead with fear. You must get over it! Tell your body how to act, tell your body that your non-verbal communication is going have to change in order for your results to change. You can’t lead with fear, you can’t sweet talk people into your business, you have to be yourself. The most effective way to speak to your prospect is the exact same way you speak to anyone.

If you are a parent and you have a child that must clean their room authority will come out of you when you tell that son or daughter to clean that room. You expect it to be done and you give a command to get the job done. When you are speaking to your prospect you must lead with authority, the authority of a business developer. You are interviewing for a long term business relationship and you are not looking for Joe Six-Pack with his Bud Light and his Cheetos. You need to step up to the posture that you need to have. Put it on like a pair of pants. Pretend if you have to! Your results will change, I promise you!

When your non-verbal communication matches what you are saying and you have the belief of where you are going and what you are doing- then results will begin to soar thru the roof. Most often people begin to act like what they think a Network Marketer is. What the heck is a Network Marketer is what I always ask! Be yourself. That is the best you can be and this is what you will be once you make that six-figure income you desire. Drop the agenda of pretending to be someone you are not and lead with the agenda of helping a prospect discover the information they need to get started in a life transformation thru their own home based business. Remember, your non-verbal communication is active all the time. What you are hearing from me right now is that I have the conviction that what I am telling you will work, if you will do it and believe in it. I have seen people go from horrible failure to amazing successful results when these things principles click in. You’ll get to the point where people are wanting to follow you, they are wanting what you have and they are looking to go where you are going.

Pretend that you are the person already that you know you are going to become. Pretend that the bank acct is already filled with the million dollars, pretend that your organization is already filled with thousands of representatives. Be aware of the non-verbal communication

You already know how to speak with confidence, you already know how to speak with assuredness. You have done that in other areas of your life. Bring that to this table and your results will shock you! Make this the best month you’ve ever had. Explode your sales this month. Let this be the month that you give it all you’ve got and it will end up paying you more than you have ever imagined.

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