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Best Friendly Mobile the Sony Ericsson S500i

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The Sony Ericsson S500i is really a fashion-conscious mobile phone equipped with multifarious technologies, which can easily transform it into a handheld camera, music player, video recorder, data transmitter and mobile internet. The Sony Ericsson S500i poses an ally to users, which would guide them to contact with friends and relatives. The phone is designed keeping in mind the desires of the tech savvy users. With slide opening mechanism, the Sony Ericsson S500i shows the impact of fashion in mobile communication. Though it is a weightless mobile phone, yet it provides residual functionalities to fulfill the desires of the tech savvy users.

Get the best view from a 262k TFT screen of the Sony-Ericsson-S500. The view compromises of screensavers, wallpapers, videos, and messages. The camera featuring a 4 x digital zoom, video recorder, player and video streaming offers the pageants of still and movable photography on the screen. The users can capture movable and static photos on the move. As far as entertainment is concerned, the Sony Ericsson S500i has effortlessly delivered music player that can play music in Bluetooth stereo.

The Bluetooth technology enables users to download and store MP3 music, which can provide fun and relax to them. Meanwhile, the messaging services and mobile gaming of the Sony Ericsson S500i add more feathers in the cap of entertainment. The messaging services generate text messaging, multimedia messaging, email and long text messaging. These facilities enable users to keep in touch with friends and relatives through audio, visual and text contexts.

Apart from all the entertaining features, the Sony Ericsson S500i concentrates on providing multiple methods of communication in the form of verbal and non-verbal. The verbal communication is highlighted with video calling and two-way communication. Whereas the non-verbal communication of the Sony Ericsson S500i represents wireless connectivity downloading of games and applications; transferring data and files; global network coverage and internet accessibility with the support of Bluetooth, USB, Java technology, EDGE, Quad band technology, Access NetFront Browser and modem. Please Purchase online

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